Genesis Version 1.8.2

Genesis 1.8.2 is a WordPress 3.4 compatibility release. If you have upgraded to WordPress 3.4, or are planning to do so, we recommend that you upgrade to Genesis 1.8.2. It also fixes a small bug in the term editing function.

Genesis 1.8.1 was a security release. If you are currently running 1.8.0 or older, we recommend that you upgrade.

Genesis version 1.8.0 continues in the long tradition of being extremely flexible AND developer friendly. This latest version comes with a fresh new front-end style, a couple of new settings, and some new hotness for developers who work with Genesis, including extensive inline documentation.

Please note the Genesis Page and Category menu widgets should not be used any longer. We've already begun the process of deprecating them, and will be removed by version 1.9.0. Please use the "Custom Menu" widget instead.

The Specifics

The following are specific changes made in this branch.

Genesis 1.8.2

Genesis 1.8.1

Genesis 1.8.0


NOTE: If you have made any changes directly to files in the /genesis/ folder, upgrading will overwrite these changes. Therefore, we recommend that you NEVER make changes this way. Alternatively, use the CSS in the child theme folder to make stylistic modifications, and use the proper PHP files in the child theme folder, along with the Genesis Hook system, to make functional/output modifications.

Using the Automatic Upgrader

  1. Click the "upgrade now" link in the update notification at the top your your dashboard page.
  2. Confirm the upgrade.
  3. After the new version is installed, click the link to complete the upgrade.
  4. All done!

Upgrading Manually

  1. Before you upgrade anything, make sure you have backup copies of your child theme.
  2. Delete the old genesis folder from your wp-content/themes directory
  3. Unzip and upload the new genesis folder to your wp-content/themes directory
  4. Log into the dashboard to complete the upgrade process.

System Requirements